Trading System

The TMT strategic rule based system presents identifiable entry points for scalping or position trading. The tested and proven method uses the TMT trading tools to present high confidence low-stress trade entry points for scalping or larger target position trades into developing and accelerating trends.  Whether you are scalping with small or large position size for all in or all out trades or position trading while adding into a position for scaling out as momentum fades or certain support and resistance levels are reached.  This system is designed for you.

The TMT system and strategies can provide a trader with the tools to be successful at a new level.  Whether you are scalping for 5-25 ticks per entry with 1 lot or 20 or position trading for 30-150 ticks the TMT system could give you the ability to create a multi strategy trading approach.

Momentum Shifts

Momentum Builds

Momentum Accelerates

The TMT Trade Guidance System includes the Trade Advisor and the TMT Fractal Divergence/Convergence tools.  With these tools you could gain an edge on the market you’re trading.  The Trade Advisor gives automated visual and audible signals following the rules based trading strategies of the TMT system.  The TMT Fractal DivCon was developed to help traders stay in alignment with Multiple Time Frames from the same instrument being traded and/or another instrument for referencing Divergence/Convergence with a completely separate market from the one being traded.

Trade Advisor NQ

FracDivCon on NQ

Trade Advisor BTC