Trend MOMO Trading

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Final results for CL EIA trades on 4-19-17

Final results showing trade entries with stops, targets and add in points.  Using Elite S/R lines to strategically place targets.

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CL EIA trades on 4-19-17

Trading CL on EIA report day using auto ATM with trailing stops.

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Consistent entries leads to consistent results

Stay consistent with your entries.  Only take the high probability trade set ups.  Use proper risk management and let the trades work.  Instead of looking for reasons to enter a trade find a reason not to.  When you don’t have a reason not to enter only then enter the trade.  Over trading is an account killer so only take the highest probability trades.

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Consistent high probability trade entries.

Here is an example of the CL trades I took today.  Start your winning streak by taking high probability trade entries.  Become confident with yourself and the TMT trade system through consistency.

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Build confidence with High Probability trade entries

Build your confidence by only taking high probability trade entries.  Confidence comes from consistently winning trades through high probability trade entries.